UCSC offers a wide range of quantitative, methodological, and computational courses that have broad applications in the social sciences. The American Psychological Association (APA) and the British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences (BAHSS) have recently publicized their concerns regarding a critical shortage of quantitatively trained social scientists. Click here (APA) and here (BAHSS) for more information. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to take more than the minimum required number of quantitative, methodological, and computational courses. Additional coursework in these areas can improve both short-term and long-term employment success. The Association for Psychological Sciences offers the following Seven Reasons to Pursue Advanced Quantitative Training. Below is a partial listing of UCSC courses with quantitative, methodological, or computational content that are relevant to the social sciences.


Applied Mathematics and Statistics 

5        Statistics 

7        Statistical Methods for the Biological, Environmental, and Health Sciences 

80      Gambling and Gaming 

80B    The Art of Data Visualization

131    Introduction to Probability Theory 

132    Classical and Bayesian Inference 

147    Computational Methods and Applications 

156    Linear Regression 

Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 

80S    Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics 

148    Quantitative Ecology 

Computer Science 

17      Social Networks 

142    Machine Learning and Data Mining 

161    Introduction to Data Visualization 

Earth & Planetary Sciences

125    Statistics and Data Analysis in the Geosciences


104    Is There Truth in Numbers: The Role of Statistics in Economics 

113    Introduction to Econometrics 

114    Advanced Quantitative Methods 

115    Introduction to Management Science 

161B  Marketing Research 

165    Economics as an Experimental Science 

166A  Game Theory and Applications I 

166B  Game Theory and Applications II 


115     K-12 Student Assessment

Environmental Studies 

104A   Introduction to Environmental Field Methods 

Latin American and Latino Studies 

100A  Social Science Analytics 

148    Action Research in the Americas 

163    Latinos and Population Change 


144   Computational Methods for Linguists 


2        Introduction to Psychological Statistics 

100    Research Methods in Psychology 

139D Modeling Human Performance 

166    Personality Assessment 

181    Psychological Data Analysis 

182    Advanced Research Methods 


103A  Statistical Methods 

103B  The Logic and Method of Social Inquiry 

139     Field Research Methods 




208A   Ethnographic Practice 

272     Advanced Archaeological Research 

Applied Mathematics and Statistics 

202     Linear Models using SAS 

203     Introduction to Probability Theory 

205B   Intermediate Classical Inference 

206     Classical and Bayesian Inference 

206B   Intermediate Bayesian Inference 

207     Intermediate Bayesian Modeling 

221     Bayesian Decision Making 

223     Time Series Analysis 

225     Multivariate Statistical Methods 

241     Bayesian Nonparametric Methods 

245     Spatial Statistics 

256     Linear Statistical Models 

266A   Data Visualization and Statistical Programming in R

274     Generalized Linear Models 

Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 

286     Experimental Design and Data Analysis 

Computer Science 

242     Machine Learning 

290C   Advanced Topics in Machine Learning 


211A  Advanced Econometrics I 

211B  Advanced Econometrics II 

216    Applied Econometric Analysis I 

217    Applied Econometric Analysis II 

272    Evolutionary Game Theory 


236    Quantitative Methods in Education Research 

237    Qualitative Research Methods 

253    Research Design in Mathematics and Science Education 

255    Intermediate Quantitative Methods 

256    Advanced Quantitative Methods in Education Research 

266    Program Evaluation and Action Research in Educational Reform 

287    Issues in Educational Assessment 

Environmental Studies 

201N  Interdisciplinary Research Design in Environmental Studies 

262    Qualitative Field Methods


244    Computational Methods for Linguists 

265    Mathematical Foundations of Linguistics 

280    Proseminar in Experimental Linguistics 


201    Logics of Political Inquiry 

202    Fundamentals of Political Research 


202R  Introduction to R

204    Quantitative Data Analysis 

205    Categorical Data Analysis

210    Experimental Method in Social Psychology 

214A  Multivariate Techniques for Psychology 

214B  Advanced Multivariate Techniques for Psychology 

215A  Introduction to Developmental Research I 

215B  Introduction to Developmental Research II 

229    Computer Simulation Models 

245    Computational Methods of Discourse and Dialog 

248    Survey Methods 

249    Field Methodologies and Social Ethnography 

261    Participatory Action Research 


203   Sociological Methods 

204   Methods of Quantitative Analysis 

205   Field Research Methods 

206   Comparative Historical Methods 

Technology and Information Management 

204   Introduction to Optimization in Business 

206   Optimization Theory and Applications 

209   Data Mining and Business Analytics in Knowledge Services 

245   Data Mining 

251   Large-scale Web Analytics and Machine Learning